Delivery and Refund Policy

Refund/Cancellation Policy

Preparation of your order can begin immediately after your order has been confirmed. We cannot accept cancellations once your order has been confirmed with the restaurant.

Advanced orders may be cancelled prior to the scheduled delivery time at our discretion. Please call (971) 42632463 to find out if your order is eligible for cancellation.

CTI will refund the total price of any cancelled order to the credit or debit card used to place the order.

If you are having any kind of issues ordering with us, have a complaint, or simply want to give us props for our awesome services then please don’t hesitate to call or email us. We are constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves and making sure you are having the easiest time with little to no frustration when you order with us.

Delivery Policy

1. CTI shall treat Orders received from Customer ordering with the same level of care, prep times, and attention, including providing the correct
food items as per the Customer order and providing the right packaging to avoid spillage or destruction of food items, as it treats Customer orders received via its own sales channels or via any third party;
2. CTI will ensure that the Information provided to is up to date and accurate at all times;
3. CTI will use the CTI Application to make timely changes or updates to their Information, including but not limited to Menu items, Menu prices, operating hours and any other Information. If these changes cannot be made via the CTI Application, CTI will notify by email of any changes and will provide 48 working hours’ notice for to reflect such changes on the Platform. If CTI fails to do so, CTI shall pay to the Commission Percentage on any orders placed by Customers that could not be processed due to outdated CTI Information.
The CTI will not require a minimum value with respect to any Order;
5. CTI will accept all Orders placed by Customers within two minutes of the Order appearing on the CTI Application and, in the event that the CTI fails to do the same, it will be liable to pay to the Commission Percentage on any Orders not accepted by the CTI;
6. If Customer contacts CTI to request any change or modification to an Order, CTI will direct Customer to contact directly;
7. The CTI warrants that the Goods provided to Customers are: (a) of high quality and fit for human consumption; and (b) comply with all relevant local legislations, including all applicable food industry regulations including all packaging and labeling requirements required for Goods of that type;
8. The CTI will contact the customer care if an Order cannot be processed as requested or to clarify the details of an Order, if required, post confirmation of the Order;
9. CTI will ensure that the preparation time of an Order will not exceed 20 minutes from the acceptance time of the relevant Order;
10. CTI will be responsible for any and all issues and costs associated with delayed delivery resulting from its failure to comply with such 20-minute preparation time period including costs associated with compensating the Customer;
11. CTI will not engage in any fraudulent activity or misuse any benefits extended by to it or to Customers
12. CTI will be responsible for the costs of any discounted promotion offered by the CTI with respect to Goods (a “CTI Promotion”), as agreed from time to time via email;
13. CTI will not at any time offer by way of any medium a price for any food and beverage item which is lower than the then-current price of the applicable item set out in the Menu;
1 If the CTI has not complied with the preparation instructions (as set forth in an Order) or has supplied poor quality or inaccurate Goods to the Customer in the opinion of , whereby has (pursuant to the Customer’s complaint) refunded the Order Value to the Customer (“Problem Order”), the CTI acknowledges and agrees that the CTI will not be paid for such Problem Order and that if the CTI has already received the Order Value from in respect of such Problem Order (subject to any appropriate reductions hereunder), will have a right to
deduct or offset such amount from or against any monies that are owed by to the CTI from time to time under this Agreement.
15. You shall disclose all relevant details pertaining to Problem Order(s) to upon becoming aware of the same.
16. CTI will ensure that prices for Goods displayed on a Menu are at all times inclusive of applicable taxes and charges, including VAT; and
17. CTI shall perform its obligations hereunder in accordance with: (a) Good Industry Practice; (b) Technical Standards; (c) All applicable professional rules, code of conduct, regulations and associated guidelines; (d) Any timescales set out herein; and (e) Applicable Law.